Privacy Policy

The website is a property of Eurotex Ltd., which is committed to keeping a high standard of personal data protection in compliance with the Bulgarian and European legislation (General Data Protection Regulation – EU 2016/679). Please, take a moment to read the Privacy Policy of Eurotex Ltd., in order to become aware of what kind of personal data we collect, how do we process it and what rights do you have to manage them.

What information do we collect

In regard to the commercial and marketing activities of Eurotex Ltd., we might need and then process personal data such as name, address, telephone number, IBAN number, video images from video surveillance systems, statistical information for online behavior of our websites’ users.

Why do we collect personal data

Eurotex Ltd. collects and processes personal data for the sole purpose of exercising its main business activities:

• Execution of main commercial and marketing activities (communication with partners, inquiry responses, quoting, sending information for new products and services, managing logistics, etc.);

• Compliance with legal, financial, accounting, tax and other regulations and requirements;

• Fulfilment of contract obligations;

• Ensuring the safety of the employees and the company assets by video surveillance of company’s facilities.

Data retention period

Your personal data will be processed and stored for a 5 years period following the termination of your business relations with Eurotex Ltd. (sales, receivables, contract obligations, etc.). Your personal data records will be erased in the year which follows the 5 years data retention period.

Transferring personal data to third parties

Eurotex Ltd. is committed to a personal data processing under a controlled access and does not allow transferring personal data to third parties, except when legally obliged (by customs, tax authorities, etc).

What rights do you have to manage your personal data, processed by Eurotex Ltd

• The right to be informed;

• The right of access to your personal data;

• The right to edit, delete, restrict, withdraw your consent or have an objection for processing your data. These rights could be applied according to the current legal frame while ensuring company’s legitimate interests;

• The right of personal data portability (to request a personal data transfer to a third party);

• The right to know whether your personal data is under automated processing and/or being profiled;

• The right tо file a complaint with the supervisory authority.

GDPR contact person at Eurotex Ltd.

For the purpose of all GDPR matters you may contact the General Legal and Corporate Affairs Manager via email or visit the company’s head office in Varna, Bulgaria.

GDPR supervisory authority in Bulgaria

More information about GDPR and its application in Bulgaria can be found at the Commission for Personal Data Protection website:

Last modified on: 14 September 2022