For pre- and post-consumer textiles that are not eligible for re-use or are not allowed to be distributed on secondary markets, we can offer various recycling solutions that utilize the products in the most sensible and efficient way.

We are responsible for performing series of manipulations to prepare each item for recycling:

deciding on means of recycling for each item
Sorting by fiber and colour
removing buttons, zippers and other hard parts
removing trademark symbols to protect brand’s integrity


We collect fabric leftovers / textile clips from sewing factories with licensed transport and utilize them accordingly.


Workwear and uniforms can still be useful even at the end of their lifecycle.

We offer a responsible way to discard the no longer needed work apparel of your company.

We’ll ensure the utilization of all collected textiles by the proper means, while protecting your company’s brand integrity.


If you are in the hospitality business you are probably dealing with a lot of textile waste each season.

Bed linen, towels and other hotel textiles are a great raw material for recycling that doesn’t have to go into the landfills.

We will collect your hotel textile waste and put it to good use as a valuable recycling resource.

In collaboration with our recycling partners we recover the textile waste as a valuable resource for the creation of new recycled products used in the textile, automotive, construction and other industries.

Recycled products

Industrial Cleaning Rags

Cotton textiles with good absorbency are cut and processed into cleaning rags with industrial application.

Regenerated Yarn

After the process of mechanical recycling that includes cutting and tearing to extract the fiber from the fabric, some of the recycled fibers with good qualities are used for regenerated yarn.

Non-woven Products

Тextiles which are not eligible for recycling into yarn are utilized in the production of non-woven products like felt, wadding, filling, insulation, and others.

The non-recyclable portion of the textile waste is energy recovered in licensed facilities.