sq. m. sorting and storage facilities
dedicated professionals
tons per month

the importance of textile sorting

Sorting is the backbone of the circulatory textile economy and the heart of TexCycle’s operation. Through careful categorization, we ensure products go to their highest value.

what it takes

Sorting is key to ensuring the highest sustainable standards and the greatest likelihood of extending the life of the garment. 

No technology can determine the condition or how fashionable a piece of clothing is. It takes experience, attention to detail, knowledge of fiber types, brands, and fashion trends. Our sorters go through an extensive 6-month training program in order to gain these qualifications ensuring consistently high quality.

SIGNIFICANT number of people with attention to detail
Extensive training to acquire knowledge of fiber types, brands, fashion trends
Specialized equipment and considerable physical space

WHAT makes us a reliable sorter?


Take advantage of our extensive experience and specially-equipped sorting facilities for the highest quality sorting in the industry.

Proffessional team

Our experienced professionals take care of the processing of more than 1,200 tons of textiles each month.

CUSTOMIZable sorting

You can count on us to examine the condition of each item and determine its eligibility for resale, repair, or recycling according to agreed customizable sorting criteria.

sorting as a service

Let us take care of the best in class reuse and leave you space to concentrate on your core business.

Reuse as the top PRIORITY

Our ultimate goal in sorting is to identify the opportunities for reuse for as many items as possible, as this is the most sustainable option and is recommended by the latest EU waste recovery policies.

We even go the extra mile to revive certain items by washing and repairing them at our in-house repair shop.